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Year 2019

The year 2019 was the year of great promises in the field of high technology. Several advertised products have seen the light of day there. Among them, some seemed to be utopian.

Four axes represent these innovations:

- Foldable smartphones with large screen and smartphone super-chargers,
- The instant translator,
- Connected objects and the 5G,
- Miscellaneous with the voice-assisted mirror and the air-purifying curtain.

Mobile phones invaded us everywhere. They are, by far, the best-selling High Tech products in the world. From entry range to high-end, the choice is vast. The names that have been breaking through in recent years are:

- Apple iPhone and especially iPhone XS,
- Samsung,
- Huawei,
- Blackberry,
- Xiaomi,
- Sony Xperia,
- Oppo,
- Zenfone,
- Wiko,
- etc.

In most cases, the mobile phone has a Full HD screen and is built around the SoC family (system-on-a-chip in English, system on chip in French) called snapdragon.

Having a smartphone has become a necessity. Owning your phone sometimes requires a significant investment.

Let's go back to this page. The demand for products High Tech 2019 has increased compared to the previous year. The best sales were made on internet sales platforms. Amazon, Aliexpress, Rakuten and other platforms have combined orders.

We take this opportunity to present you some interesting High-Tech products. They enter the best sales in 2019.

Of course, the choice of these products was made according to the following criteria:

- Best sales 2019,
- Reputation of the product,
- The least expensive price expensive on platforms.

The three Android smartphones presented below are very good value for money. They are, of course, using Windows phone applications.

The first smartphone is very successful in Asia. It is even offered on major international platforms.

We cannot compare them with a BlackBerry, a Motorola moto, a Oneplus or a Galaxy Note.

Year 2020

The year 2020 will again be the year of great promises in the field of high technology. Several products announced will see the light of day.

The axes representing these innovations will be the same as for 2019:

- Foldable smartphones,
- The instant translator,
- La 5G,
- Le divers for use in homes.

The best sales continue for the same products on internet sales platforms, Amazon, Aliexpress and Rakuten to name a few.

Flash bestsellers for cheap

The items we offer are very popular. They are equivalent to branded products but are much cheaper. Highly rated by the people who bought them, they are still in the top positions for best-sellers.

Memory card SanDisk
50% to 70% cheaper than elsewhere

SanDisk memory cards 50% to 70% cheaper than elsewhere

1- Compatible with your devices:
SanDisk cards are compatible with Android smartphones, tablets and interchangeable-lens cameras.

2- Durable design for use in harsh environments:
SanDisk Ultra microSD UHS-1 cards are shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof and X-ray-proof, so you can enjoy your adventures without worrying about the durability of your memory card.

3- Various capacity options:
From 16 GB to 512 GB plus 200 GB and 400 GB.

4- Tips for testing your card:
- Install the free H2testw software on your PC,
- Use a quality USB 3.0 card reader.
The real memory card should pass the test without error.


Bracelet Xiaomi
Watches for the whole family at the price of one

Xiaomi's latest bracelet is coming

More features. An unbeatable price. We let you discover.




This smartphone is a wonder. It is not an Apple, it is not a Samsung Galaxy. By name not very well known in Europe, he has a lot of respect in Asia. You should know that the Chinese company Umidigi specializes in mobile telephony. Its new Android smartphone is a top of the range. It has been manufacturing other connected products since 2012. Its prices are lowest, offering impeccable quality.

Technical characteristics:
The main features of the A5 PRO are:

- Under Android 9.0 (the latest version),
- Octa-core Helio P23 processor.
- Reduced consumption,
- RAM and RAM: 4 GB and 32 GB,
- Dual SIM,
- micro-sd up to 256 GB,
- Display: 6.3-inches in FullHD.
- Waterdrop notch,
- Screen-to-body ratio 92.7%,
- Curved glass 2.5D double-sided,
- Scanner for fingerprints,
- Front camera: 16MP,
- Rear camera:
    16MP (Sony IMX398 lens),
    8MP (ultra-wide angle camera 120°),
    5MP (depth camera),
    double flash and facial recognition,
- Battery: 4150 mAh,
- 2 days of charge,
- Several languages ​​(French, English, etc.).