Make your TV connected at the lowest price on the net

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Amazon, Roku and Apple to make a tv Connected

How to make your TV connected ?

In recent years we have been working hard to find solutions to make TV connected to the Internet. 

The smart TV is born but there are also models with various systems of exploitation like Android TV who brought solutions.

Apple TV 

The best known so far is the Apple TV running iOS. This box is very powerful. It allows you to stream interesting content. 

Its best feature is 'AirPlay' which allows you to stream content from an iPhone, iPad or Mac. 

The weak point of this box is that it is locked like all Apple products. 

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast meets with great success. This is a small HDMI key that just plugs behind the television. It can stream content from the Chrome browser, from the Android phone, or from compatible apps. It can also display photos, videos and allow you to listen to music on the TV from a phone or tablet.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac and in addition it is not expensive and it is his asset.


It is the one that offers the largest choice of channels and several are already integrated into the device (more than 2000 streaming channels and more than 200,000 movies and TV episodes for the United States)

There are four models of Roku and all allow access to the same directory of channels, programs and movies :

- Roku 1
Can be connected to a TV that does not have an HDMI port,

- Roku 2
Can be connected to a TV that does not have an HDMI port but its remote has a headphone jack,

- Roku 3
Compatible only with HDTVs, can access the web via Ethernet, has a USB port and a Micro SD card slot. The remote control becomes a controller with gesture recognition for games.

- Roku 4
It was born to replace the Roku 3. It is a 4K case and Ultra HD.

Hundreds of applications are available for Roku boxes and most are free but their prices are quite high compared to others.


Solutions like Amazon's Fire TV are starting to emerge. This is the Amazon Fire TV.

What's this ?

Amazon's Fire TV is a multimedia box that allows easy access to the content of several companies offering movies and TV series on the internet as well as YouTube and more than 4,000 apps and games.

The Fire TV comes with a remote control.


It connects directly to the TV and works thanks to the internet.

During the installation, the user is guided step by step. There is even a video presentation.

Contents to watch

- Since the streaming is fast and of a good fluidity,
- Since storage is important, 

the user pays the luxury of having everything on his television but at what price. Indeed, a large part of the content is paying (movies, series and even games).

Amazon Prime subscribers have unlimited access to multiple content including the popular Netflix. In addition, when buying, they pay their Fire TV cheaper than non-subscribers.


Many applications can be used. Just click on the link to find out more.

- In the end, this is a very good product,
- Subscribers will feast,
- The absence of the voice assistant is a pity.

Other ranges exist but as they are equipped with the voice assistant Alexa who does not speak French yet, they are not sold in France.
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