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Article updated on May 25, 2020

How to make your television connected

For several years we have been working to find solutions to make any television set connected to the internet.

The Smart TV, a High-Tech product, was born, but there are also multimedia box models with various operating systems like Android TV box, also called: Android TV, TV box, box TV, TV box Android, box Android TV or box TV Android who have brought better momentum and solutions to the replacement of smart televisions.

Multimedia boxes have become very popular. Today, they provide access to all Android applications, including video games downloadable from the Google Play Store.

These multimedia gateways are placed between the content to be seen in streaming and the television set without the need for a TV decoder.

Generally, we choose one of the paid media servers which offers streaming services like the best known Netflix and Molotov.

The connection requires the presence of:

- a television,
- an HDMI cable as a connector,
- and the ADSL box directly or through a Wi-Fi repeater.

To have very good image and sound quality, you will need:

- a broadband internet connection from an internet box,
- a storage medium such as an SD card, a hard drive or Blu-ray,
- a multimedia keyboard for gamers,
- possibly high definition, Full HD or UHD on a large screen TV.

Several of these multimedia boxes which are, by the way, mini PCs or miniature computers, are connected by:

- Ethernet port (Gigabit) using an RJ45 cable,
- Wi-Fi internet access,
- By CPL.

For the first case, this type of connection offers a very reliable speed and remains high. For the second case, reliability depends on the distance between the Wi-Fi router and the multimedia box.

Whatever the case, access to streaming content and TV channels with legal IPTV if necessary, is done without going through a digital receiver. It is also possible to have TNT, read files and view almost everything. It should be noted that, as with a computer, internal memory and random access memory play a large role.

The best deals

Apple TV 4K

The best known box so far is that of Apple running iOS. This multimedia player is very powerful. It allows you to stream interesting content.

Its best feature is 'AirPlay' which allows you to stream content from an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

It has several ports: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and its simultaneous dual-band is: 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz.

The weak point of this box is that it is locked like all Apple products.

Price indicated € 199 for the 32 GB.
The present offer is with free delivery by post with tracking and delivery against signature.

Xiaomi Mi Box S, 4K UHD

The multimedia gateway is a device made for Streaming and Media player 4K Ultra HD. It is not expensive and it is better than others on the market.

It runs on Android 8.1, having the GPU, Mali-50 and supports Chromecast. Compatible with hundreds, even thousands of applications that makes it a good case.

Taking advantage of the Google Assistant, it allows you to dive into entertainment, do home automation and even have answers to your questions.

In addition, the Mi Box S decoder has some useful functions:

- connection to an external hard drive,
- HDMI 2.0a to enjoy high resolution videos,
- fast transfer of HD video files,
- wireless connection thanks to Bluetooth 4.2.

Its Android operating system is based on 8.1 with the Quad Core Cortex a53 CPU with a capacity of 2 GB of Ram.

Indicated price € 69.00
The current offer is down.
It is cheaper than the offers of major known platforms
Delivery is free for France.
For other countries, please open the sales page. Shipping costs are displayed.

Box multimédias

Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra or the Chromecast 2 dongle, has met with great success (not to be confused with the Miracast). It is a small HDMI key that plugs in behind the television. It allows you to stream content from the Chrome browser, from the Android phone, or from compatible applications. Google Chromecast can also display photos, videos and allow you to listen to music on the TV from a phone or tablet.

It is a product that is not expensive and that is its asset. In addition, it is compatible with almost all operating systems.


It is the multimedia box (Android TV box, Android box) which offers the widest choice of channels and several are already integrated into the device (more 2000 streaming channels and over 200,000 movies and TV series episodes for the United States)

There are four models of multimedia gateways (different formats) and all allow to the same directory of channels, shows and films:

- The 1
Can be connected to a TV without an HDMI port,

- The 2
Can be connected to a TV that does not have an HDMI port but its remote control has a headphone jack,

- The 3
Compatible only with HD TVs, can access the Web via Ethernet and of course by internet connection, has a USB port and a Micro SD card slot. The remote control becomes a controller with gesture recognition for games.

- The 4
It was born to replace the 3. It is a 4K and Ultra HD box.

Hundreds apps are available for these boxes under Android system. Some are free, but the price for most is quite high compared to other devices.


Solutions like the Fire TV Stick from Amazon are starting to emerge. The Amazon Fire TV is a box, multimedia adapter that allows easy access to the content of several companies offering movies and TV series on the internet and especially YouTube.

The Fire TV comes with a remote control. Its installation is simple. It plugs directly into the television and works via the Internet.

During installation, the user is guided step by step. There is even a video presentation. The content to watch is diverse.

Nvidia Shield TV

This multimedia TV, partner of Kodi known for its Media center has been considered the Must in its category since the release of the first copy in 2015.

The recent version is streaming like other devices but in addition, Nvidia took advantage of its own manufacture of graphics cards to make the Shield a game console. It can be sold with a joystick. It is a multimedia server with impeccable audio and video, a voice assistant and a digital recorder.

On the entertainment side, you can:

- easy access to movies and TV series, games and favorite music,
- follow live sporting events,
- watch 4K HDR content on Netflix and Amazon with great sound reproduction,
- use voice commands.

But who says Nvidia, says graphics card so game. So the Shield is a game console that will probably forget the big gaming machines too expensive.

The Dolby standards (Surround 7.1, True HD, Atmos) are adopted by the Shield.

The Shield TV is compatible with Plex Media Server and Kodi and in addition, it is equipped with 2 USB 3.0 ports for key USB.

What to choose ? better or cheap

Numerous of multimedia box brands are flourishing. Even those who made TV receivers started to get out of android TV boxes. Of course, there are the best (generally well-known), there are those which are expensive and there are the ordinary ones.


What is a multimedia box

A multimedia box is none other than a small computer which only processes files which deal with multimedia. He thus has:

- an operating system,
- electronic components,
- an internal hard drive.

We quickly realized that the box multimedia can be a great contribution for any television set. In fact, a television set cannot read or interpret a file while the box processes audio and video files.

The system

Like a computer, the multimedia box runs thanks to an operating system of programs for the display, the sound and the image processing.

The components

A multimedia box turns around a processor and a memory RAM. This allows the small computer to do calculations, process video files in any format, and process sound files. This allows the small computer to do calculations, process video files in any format, and process sound files.

The hard drive

The box has an internal hard drive whose capacity is constantly growing. This allows the storage of several video files.

How to plug in your box

A multimedia box is above all a connected device, something which already has the advantage compared to several television sets which are not smarts. Thus, if it is mounted on an old television, it makes it a connected product. Its connection is simple and the distribution is done by internet, by Wi-Fi or by PLC.

Multimedia box and voice assistant

The advent of voice assistants (Google, Amazon or other) has made the Nvidia Shield TV already recently integrated Google's voice assistant on its boxes.

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