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In this page, the surfer will surely find some answers to the questions he is asking:

- How to choose the best cheap connected bracelet?
- How to choose the best watch connected cheap?
- What best connected bracelet for sport?
- What best connected watch for iPhone?
- What cheap connected bracelet to choose?
- Which cheap connected watch to choose?
- What is the best connected bracelet?
- What is the best connected watch?
- What better connected watch for women?

Connected bracelet

The connected object also called smart bracelet or activity tracker (tracker) is a High Tech accessory. It contains sensors including an accelerometer. It is coupled with an application installed on a smartphone or a tablet. The purpose of this application is to monitor and measure various signals related to physical activity.

Synchronization between the monitor and the smartphone done by Bluetooth, therefore wirelessly.

A little history

It is in the sports world that the first type was born. First, its function was to detect the heart rate. Then it had been used to have the speed cyclist or runner.


The essential measurements made by an activity sensor are:

- the number of steps taken (pedometer),
- the distance traveled,
- the number of calories burned or calories spent,
- heart rate (measurement of pulse beats),
- sports activity,
- quality of sleep.

This device is widely used in fitness, jogging and swimming.

Technically speaking and in most cases, the activity object is synchronized with a smartphone. On this smartphone, an application is installed. She tracks the activity. Its purpose is to collect the data which is then presented, easy to read manner. Receiving notifications and alerts is an easy thing to have.

Certain devices have outright paramedical use:

- used as a heart rate monitor, following the cardiac arrhythmia to better manage it,
- by facilitating the monitoring of the diet for a diabetic,
- by analyzing the movements of a user during his sleep.

Brands on the market

The interest of a tracker is to provide information on daily physical activity. He's actually a sports coach. This pushes the user to do more sport and sleep better.

In this device, the more functions there are, the more its price increases.

Several tracker brands are sold worldwide. The most requested are:

- Fitbit (Gear fit),
- Garmin,
- Samsung (Samsung Gear),
- Huawei,
- Withings (Withings Pulse),
- Polar,
- etc.

Choice criteria

Connected bracelets are everywhere. Before launching therefore in the purchase, one must make his choice as for the following points:

- Compatibility with iOS or Android,
- Display autonomy,
- Sports activities and physical activities,
- Sleep monitoring,
- Heart rate sensor (cardio),
- Waterproof: rain, shower.

Finally, the essential point remains: Find your cheap bracelet and your cheap watch or at the lower price but in the good quality ranges.

What is a connected watch

It is also called by its Anglo-Saxon name "smartwatch". It is a High-Tech gadget that works like a small computer, a tablet or a smartphone on the wrist and can bring a touch of easy life.


The connected watch or smartwatch (also called touch watch and Bluetooth watch) because of its screen, differs from the normal watch known for a long time by:

- sound touch screen,
- its function keys on the sides.

Functions and functionalities

Since the first product was released, the people who bought the watch have made it an ally.

The Bluetooth connected watch can be a sports watch, a pedometer watch, a GPS watch.

The main functions are:

- display of the date and time,
- access to several applications.

These applications are linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or mobile data.

- it can have a built-in GPS function,
- it can provide access to the weather,
- it may have a color screen.

The functionalities differ from one manufacturer to another. The smartwatch allows you to:

- send and receive calls,
- receive all kinds of notifications,
- access several applications on the net,
- serve as a pedometer for athletes,
- watch your physical abilities,
- check your heartbeat,
- keep activity going even when you are asleep.

Connected watch and market

It is difficult to find the best connected watch, but there are many connected watches on the market and many sites that do a comparison. The best watch is to find. But it is the big manufacturers that are Samsung, Apple (connected watch Apple Watch) and Sony which dominate. Others cling, let us quote Huawei, Withings, Asus, Tag Neuer and Pebble. The value for money varies. Thus, some models of good quality watches exist whose price is not expensive.

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