Bracelet Connected, Lowest Price, Cheap, High Tech Product

Bracelet connected, lowest price, cheap price
Bracelet connected, lowest price, cheap price
Bracelet connected, lowest price, cheap price

Lowest Price, Cheap Price, Bracelet Connected, High Tech Product,

bracelet connected, high tech product, lowest price, cheap price  Bracelet connected

The connected bracelet, High Tech product also called activity bracelet or activity tracker is a high-tech accessory. It is coupled with an application installed on a smartphone that aims to track and measure various signals related to physical activity.

History of the connected bracelet

It is in the sporting world that the first connected bracelets or activity trackers were born, first to detect the heart rate and then to have the speed of cyclists or feet.

Functions of the connected bracelet

The essential measures made by activity trackers are:

- the number of steps taken,
- distance traveled while walking or running,
- calories burned,
- heartbeat,
- the quality of sleep.

Technically speaking and in most cases, activity trackers are synchronized with a smartphone in which an application is installed to collect the data which is then presented in an easy-to-read way,
Some devices have paramedical uses:

- by following users with cardiac arrhythmia to better manage it,
- by facilitating Dietary Monitoring for a Diabetic User,
- by analyzing the movements of a user during his sleep phases to assess the quality of his sleep,

Tracker brands on the market

The interest of a tracker is to inform about daily physical activity. The interest of a tracker is to inform about daily physical activity.

In an activity tracker, the more functions there are and the more its price increases.

Several brands are sold around the world but the most requested are:

- Lenovo,
- Xiaomi,
- Huawei,
- and others (Samsung, Nokia).

Choice criteria

And finally, before embarking on the purchase of a connected bracelet, one must have made his choice as for the following points:

- Compatibility with iOS or Android,
- Autonomy of the display,
- Sporting activities,
- Sleep monitoring,
- Heart rate sensor,
- Waterproof (rain, shower, pool),
- Lowest price and Cheap Price.



- The HW01 is Bluetooth 4.2 compliant,
- It has an OLED screen with a touch party, a simple touch of the finger to navigate from one feature to another,
- The various motion detectors on board are the HR sensor and the G-Sensor,
- It is splash-proof,
- Its 3.7V battery has a capacity of 90mAh which gives it a battery life of one week. It is rechargeable using a micro USB cable provided.


- It measures the number of steps taken,
- It measures the covered distance,
- It measures the number of calories burned,
- The connected bracelet is splash-proof,
- He will monitor sleep (light, deep sleep and wake up),
- A heart sensor is also present.

The strong point of this model is to be able to automatically measure the heart every 15 minutes. This feature allows you to have a relatively complete history of your heart rate a prolonged effort.



- Time display,
- Sleep monitor,
- Heart rate sensor with alert,
- Alarm, call back and SMS notification,
- Share via social networks,
- Vibrating alarm clock,
- Anti-lost,
- Camera remote control,
- Waterproof,
- Sports monitor.

The sleep monitoring is done with distinction of deep sleep phase, light, wake up.

The pulse tracking is continuous.

The heart rate is done with manual, static and dynamic tests.



- IP68 water resistant,
- USB direct charging,
- Call reminders and notifications,
- OLED display,
- Static and dynamic heart rate monitoring,
- Sleep monitoring and alarm clock reminder,



- Alarm Clock, message,notification of app., call reminder and date,
- Distance recording and pedometer,
- Sleep management.
- Notification type: Wechat, Facebook and Twitter,
- Alert by vibration.


- Bluetooth 4.2,
- Waterproof,
- Touch Screen, OLED,
- Compatibility: Android 4.4 or later, iOS 8.0 or later,
- Battery capacity 60mAh.
Bracelet connecté Fitbit

Huawei Talkband B3

- Measuring steps, calories burned, daily activities,
- Turns into Bluetooth ear for making calls,
- Poled curved screen,
- 91 mAh battery.

Talkband B5

- Amoled screen with curved glass,
- Used as Bluetooth bluetooth and activity tracker,
- Heart rate monitoring,
- Sleep monitoring,
- Shutter remote shutter to take pictures remotely.

Honor A2

- Modèle: AW61,
- Compatible appareil Android 4.4/iOS 8.0 OS,
- Bluetooth: 4.2,
- Ecran PMOLED tactile à trois points,
- Imperméable: IP67.

Bracelet connecté Garmin

Mi Band 1S


- Heart rate monitor,
- Calories burned record,
- Distance recording,
- Sleep management,
- Steps counting.


- Bluetooth 4.0,
- Battery 45mAh,
- Standby time about 10 days,
- Charging time about 2 hours.

Mi Band 2


- Heart rate monitor,
- Sedentary reminder,
- Pedometer,
- Sleep monitor.


- Bluetooth 4.0,
- Screen OLED and touch key,
- charging battery time 3 hours,
- standby time about 20 days,

Xiaomi Mi Band 3


- Heart rate monitor,
- Pedometer,
- Sleep monitoring,
- Movement range,


- Bluetooth 4.0,
- Screen OLED, touch screen and touch key,
- battery 110mAh,
- charging battery time about 3 hours,
- standby time about 20 days,
Bracelet connecté Huawei
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