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Kid's Tablet
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Kid's Tablet, High Tech product, Lowest price, Cheap

The way to select your child's educational tablet  kid's tablet, high tech, cheap price, lowest price

Choosing an educational tablet has come to be hard as the offer is critical and the functions different. 

Here is a series of criteria to study before making a purchase of lowest price tablet:


Kid's tablet models are not powerful, except perhaps some of which manufacturers make an effort.


Since builded for children, these high tech tablets are protected by a shell against the breakage in case of fall on the ground.

Connected or not

Some models of educational tablets do not offer internet connection. But if these tablets are connected, they have an effective parental control system and powerful filters.

Child tablets allow the child to play, to watch cartoons often pre-installed and to read or listen to stories. 

They often have a built-in camera and can sometimes receive a memory card to increase internal storage. 

Opinion of health professionals

Several conferences evoked the subject of the use of the tablet by the child. Thus, doctors, teachers, psychiatrists, speech therapists, psychologists and non-specialized people have clearly announced to the users of the tablet that there are adverse effects on its use.


Among the disadvantages and misdeeds of using the Kid's tablet, we can mention the best known.

Exposure to the waves

Many specialists have confirmed the hazard of waves. Certainly, from its connection to the net, a tablet emits electromagnetic waves whose unfavorable health results, small before large, were verified by several studies. A French association recognized for its fight for safety in wireless technology, requested that the Kid's tablet is prohibited before the age of 6 years. This request has no longer but had the desired impact.


Even though some amusing and educational games which are installed in the Kid's tablet are beneficial to the child if screen times are respected, they are bad for the sight of the child. Immoderate use can also have an impact on the motor development of the hands. Further, it's been proven that 2 hours of exposure to screens can cause to sleep disturbances, especially in younger age groups. It's far therefore recommended no longer to permit the child play at night time in order that he can make the most of his ordinary hours of sleep.

Other worries

IIt has additionally been proved that one keeps higher better what one writes that what one kinds and what one writes or one attracts strengthens the getting to know.

The Kid's tablet inside the shops

   The proposed models of the low-priced High Tech Product, kids's tablet may be found everywhere on the net but their prices (costs) fluctuate from one platform to some other.

   The client opinions of the Kid's tablet of such brand or different brand are normally now not the same.

   Right here, the choice is made according to the opinions of the people who used the Kid's tablet and the number of the eight contenders, it is sufficient to make its desire in line with the characteristics and the Cheap price and Lowest price offered.

Within the following, an enumeration of the principle tablets on the market which might be already success.
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Ceci est un slider

      DragonTouch K8

   - Processor Quad Core 4x1.3 GHz,
   - 16 GB storage, 2 GB RAM,
   - Android 6.0 Marshmallow,
   - Dual Camera,
   - Wireless N (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth,
   - G-sensor.

      DragonTouch Date

   - Processor A33 ARM Cortex A7,
   - 8 GB storage, 1 GB RAM,
   - Quad Core 4x1.3 GHz,
   - Google Android 4.4,
   - Dual Camera,
   - 7" TFT LCD, Capacitive,
   - Wifi, Bluetooth, G-sensor.

      DragonTouch Y88X Plus

   - Idem DragonTouch Date.

      Yuntab Q91

   - Quad Core Allwinner A33 1.3 GHz,
   - Android 5.1,
   - RAM: 1 GB, ROM: 16 GB,
   - 7" TFT LCD, Capacitive,
   - Dual Camera,
   - Battery: 3.7 V 2800 mAh.

      Yuntab Q88H

   - Quad Core Allwinner A33 1.3 GHz,
   - Android 5.1,
   - RAM: 512 MB, ROM: 8 GB,
   - Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n,
   - Two Cameras: 0.3MP and 2MP.

      Yuntab Q88R

   - Quad Core Allwinner A33 1.3 GHz,
   - Android 4.4,
   - RAM: 512 MB, ROM: 8 GB,
   - Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n,
   - Two Cameras: 2MP and 0.3MP,
   - Built-in MIC & Speaker.

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