Be familiar with memory cards and not use them anywhere.

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The best memory cards

What is a memory card ?

The memory card is a removable digital data storage unit which replaced the film of old cameras, on digital cameras.

The operating principle has been put in place after an agreement between the three giants :

- Panasonic, 
- Toshiba,
- SanDisk.

Cards exist in three formats :

- The SD,
- The miniSD (practically not used),
- The microSD.

These formats exist in three standards

- SD cards (Secure Digital),
- SDHC cards (Secure Digital High Capacity),
- SDXC cards (Secure Digital Extended Capacity).

Cards SD have capacity between 128Mo à 2Go. Its default format is FAT16 and works with all SD, SDHC, ou SDXC compatible devices.
The SDHC card has a capacity ranging from 4GB to 32GB, Its default format is FAT32 and works differently than standard cards. 
The SDXC card has a capacity ranging from 64GB to 2TB. Its default format is exFAT.

The UHS-I specificity defines two bus architecture options of up to 50MB / s (UHS-50) and 104MB / s (UHS-104) data transfer rate.

UHS-II specificity defines bus architecture for 156MB/s and 312MB/s options. 
Write / read speed and class of SD cards

Write and read speeds are important for users of high-end devices.

The class is displayed surrounded by a C or placed in an U.

There are four speed classes and two U :



defining the minimum write rate.

Class 2 (resp. 4, 6 10, U1, and U2) is equivalent to 2 Mo/s (resp. 4, 6, 10, 10 et 30).

Some manufacturers use the MB/s as a unit while others opt for the X which is worth 150 KB/s, so 600X is the same as 90 MB/s.

SD - SDHC - SDXC Cards 
and micro SD - SDHC - SDXC cards

Among the array of card manufacturers, four names are presented here :

- Kingston,
- Toshiba,
- Samsung,
- SanDisk,

Of course, there are several others :

- Patriot,
- Silicon Power,
- Amplim,
- and even Raspberry for special use.

What to choose ? 

For the selected manufacturers, only their 16, 32 and 64 GB cards are on display.


   - UHS-1 class 10,
   - Ideal for shooting cinema,
   - Quality full HD videos,
   - Read speed of up to 45 MB/s,
   - Waterproof, temperature proof,
   - Shock and vibration proof,
   - X-ray proof.

   - UHS-1 class 10,
   - Capacities 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB,
   - Quality full HD videos,
   - Read speed of up to 80 MB/s,
   - Waterproof,
   - New version of SD10V.

   - UHS-1 speed class 3 (U3),
   - Compatible µSDHC/SDXC devices,
   - Quality full HD videos,
   - 90 MB/s read and 45 MB/s write,
   - Waterproof and temperature proof,
   - Multiple capacities.
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      EVO SD

   - Class 10 SDHC for 16 and 32 GB,
   - Class 10 SDXC for 64 and 128 GB,
   - Great for Full HD video,
   - Transfer speed up to 95 MB/s,
   - Compatible with a wide range of devices,
      EVO Plus SD

   - UHS-1 class 10,
   - Can read and play 4K UHD video,
   - Up to 100 MB/s fast reading speed,
   - Sequential write speed up to 90 MB/s,
   - Compatible with a wide range of devices,
   - Multiple capacities.
      EVO Plus

   - UHS-1 speed class 3 (U3),
   - Ideal for cinema quality HD video,
   - Ideal for photos of subjets,
   - Up to 90 MB/s read and up to 45 MB/s write,
   - Compatible with µSDHC and µSDXC devices,
   - Multiple capacities.
   - Waterproof and temperature proof.
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   - Compatible SDHC/SDXC devices,
   - Compatible SDHC-1/SDXC-1 devices,
   - Read speed up to 80 MB/s,
   - Write speed just lower,
   - Resistant to water and temperature,
   - Resistant to x-rays and shocks.
   - Waterproof and temperature proof.
      Extreme Pro

   - Designed for professional camera,
   - Ideal for high resolution camcorders,
   - Read speed up to 300 MB/s,
   - Write speed up to 260 MB/s,
   - UHS video speed class 30 (V30),
   - UHS speed class 3 (U3).
      Ultra µSD

   - Support high quality video recording,
   - Ideal for smartphones and tablets,
   - Apply to digital cameras,
   - Read speed up to 100 MB/s,
   - Tested to have durability,
   - Many capacities.
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      Exceria SD

   - Compatible with cameras,
   - Support SDHC/SDXC devices,
   - Support HD 4K video capture
   - Read speed up to 90 MB/s,
   - SDHC U1 class 10 for 16GB,
   - SDHC U3 class 10 for 32GB,
   - SDXC U3 class 10 for 64GB.
      Exceria Pro SD

   - Paired with UHS-1 compatible devices,
   - Ideal for cameras and camcorders,
   - UHS-1 class 10 U3
   - Read speed up to 95 MB/s,
   - Write speed up to 75 MB/s.
      Exceria Pro µSD

   - Compatibility with large range of devices,
   - Easy to handle 4K video,
   - Read speed up to 270 MB/s,
   - Write speed up to 150 MB/s.
   - Can work in bad environment.
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