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The smart keychain

What is a smart keychain

The smart keychain is a gadget created specifically for people who frequently lose their keys. 

It can detect and locate lost keys through a downloadable application on your smartphone.


This gadget uses Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) technology, also known as Bluetooth Smart, which has a low power consumption thanks to which it remains in almost permanent communication with the smartphone that carries its application. Thus, if the door is moving away from the smartphone, the user receives an alert.

Choice criteria

To choose a smart keychain, the following criteria can help:

- Battery

Generally a battery lasts 1 year. The right choice would be to buy a smart keychain with a rechargeable or changeable battery and when the battery is rechargeable, it will be necessary to see its autonomy.

- Range of detection

The actual detection range does not exceed 70% of that announced by the manufacturer, giving a maximum range of 30 m to 50 m depending on the products.

- Power of the alarm

Since bluetooth alone can not locate the keychain precisely, most of them are equipped with an alarm that should be neither weak nor strong.

- Compatibility

It will take, before buying its smart keychain, to see if its smartphone is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or not because most keychains are not compatible with smartphones without Bluetooth 4.0.

- Geofencing

This word simply means the alert given by the smartphone each time the door departs from it.

- Design

A gadget that accompanies all the time its user must have a nice design but this nice design often has a price.
Le smart porteclé Chipolo


   - Replaceable standard battery, CR2025

   - Free application Chipolo,
   - Available in 6 colors,
   - Bluetooth enabled devices.

   For the Laisse, 9 colors are available.
Le smart porteclé Filo


   - Replaceable battery CR2016,
   - Range up to 80 meters,
   - Compatible with iOS 10+,
   - Compatible with Android 4.4+,
   - 3 colors, blue, purple and yellow.
Le smart porteclé Gigaset

      Gigaset 1

   - Battery Type NiMh ,
   - Android 4.4.2+, iOS 7 and Bluetooth 4.0,
   - Red color.

      Gigaset 2

   - Interchangeable CR2032 battery (1 an),
   - Range of action 15 to 30 m,
   - Compatibles Bluetooth 4.0,
   - Compatible Android 4.4+,
   - 2 colors, black and white.
Le smart porteclé Wistiki

      Wistiki 1

   - Ringtone and radar,
   - Location on the map of the apk,
   - Electronic Laisse (alert),
   - Reverse ring,
   - Bluetooth range, up to 100m,
   - Battery powered,
   - Colors, orange, purple and pink.

      Wistiki 2

   - Waterproof (water, rain, immersion),
   - Autonomy up to 2 years,
   - 90 dB ringtone,
   - Find smartphone,
   - Pink color.
Le smart porteclé Gablys

      Gablys 1

   - Alert on smartphone,
   - Anti-theft (motion detector),
   - Reverse search,
   - Remote photo shutter,
   - Non-rechargeable battery,
   - Color in white, gray and red.

      Gablys 2

   - The same characteristics,
   - Color in green and pink.
Le smart porteclé Motorola


   - Key and phone locator,
   - Remote camera button,
   - Compatible BTLE 4.0,
   - Range up to 30m,
   - Replaceable battery CR2032 (1 an),
   - Color in white and black.