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Why pay dearly for what
you can buy for less?

The title is revealing. How many times have you purchased any product or item and found, two days later, the same product for cheaper?

We noticed this on the big internet sales platforms. But beware, the cheapest price for an item on such a platform should not give a reference label to this platform.

This phenomenon and the following three reasons led us to set up our site:

- Offer niche products "Family High Tech" that have personal or family use,
- Learn, understand and stay informed on a topic that we know well,
- Find the cheapest prices on the web for the same products offered on several platforms.

Each product, object of this site, is chosen according to:

- the first criterion which is, of course, the quality,
- The second criterion is the fact that it is at the best price which must not be expensive ,
- The third criterion is the quality observed by buyers.

These articles include the 2019 best-selling and 2020 trends for the high-tech product.

We draw the attention of our readers to the fact that we are affiliated. This means that we receive a commission on each purchase made on one of the international internet sales platforms from our site.

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Tablette enfant

How to choose your child's tablet

The tactile educational or non-tactile educational tablet has established itself in homes. From the smallest family member to the largest, everyone wants to use it. But choosing the best or the cheapest has become difficult as the offer is large and the features different... To be continued...

Raspberry Pi

The world of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an incredible and inexpensive computer in recent years. Its size is that of a credit card. You onnect it to a TV or other display device with HDMI or Video (RCA) input... The following...

Disque dur externe

The hard drive, a cheap gem

The external hard drive is a storage device. The HDD is composed of several magnetic platters. These plates rotate at a very high speed exceeding 500 revolutions / s in an anti-clockwise direction. But the SSD ... This way...

Enceinte connectée

The smart speaker

Also called connected speaker it is first of all a speaker connected directly to the internet via Wi-Fi. This connection makes it possible to benefit from an integrated voice assistant which gives the possibility of doing many things.... To follow the link...

Enceinte Bluetooth

What is the Bluetooth speaker?

The wireless speaker is called Bluetooth speaker . It uses speakers which receive their signals via Bluetooth. Manufacturers compete for the stage by dramatically improving sound quality... Continue reading...

Montre et bracelet connectés

Smart watch and bracelet

The connected object, connected watch or connected bracelet , is a High Tech accessory always coupled with an application that is installed on your smartphone. Its objective is to simplify life thanks to its various sensors installed... Browse the page...

Répéteur wifi

The wifi repeater. What is it about ?

The wifi repeater designates an accessory that repeats the strength of the wifi signal in a wifi network. It is a small box that takes care of extending the wireless coverage of the wifi delivered in homes thanks to a router or box using ADSL... Consult the page...

Meilleures ventes et ventes Flash

Bestsellers and Flash sales

In this page, we try to present you the best sales in the field of High Tech as well as Flash sales on the platforms where we are affiliated. Of course, for each product presented, the best price prevails... Search here...

Frequently asked questions

Are you afraid of the children's tablet?

Between yes and no for using the children's tablet, nothing has yet been decided. However, in some countries, she entered school.

Why are you depriving yourself of the Raspberry Pi card?

The Raspberry Pi motherboard is a marvel. It is a nanocomputer no bigger than a bank card. It allows you to do a lot of things (retrogaming, surveillance, media player, etc.).

External hard drive. How to use it well?

Very useful support for expanding your capacity and for backing up your files, the external hard drive is still fragile in terms of its use (the HDD more than the SSD). Some precautions are therefore necessary for good longevity.

Repeater, PLC, etc. What common points?

Between a wifi repeater , a Wi-Fi amplifier, a line carrier, an access point, a router, what should you choose for your home to solve the problem you are having? These products are explained and the main focus is on repeaters.


Areas of High Technology

High technology, better known as High Tech, encompasses all technologies in the main areas where there has been tremendous progress.

Scientists have classified these areas as follows:

- aerospace, aeronautics and space domains,
- nanotechnology, the domain of microscopic at the atomic scale,
- biotechnology, the field of living organ science,
- robotics, field of techniques allowing the realization of automatic machines or robots,
- information technology, computer science, audiovisual, multimedia, telecommunications and internet.

In this site, it is the information technologies that interest us the most. And especially those that affect everything that could make life easy for humans.

High Tech products in everyday life

High Tech products that continue to emerge can be useful as they may be superfluous. They can also be beneficial and with many advantages to humans as they can be disadvantageous.

Would we want to kill human responsibility with everything that floods us everywhere?

Democratization of High Technology at home

The high-tech product connected ou not connected is part of the technological and intelligent products that flood the market. It is everywhere on the platforms of sale by internet and in addition, one can find it for cheap.

In addition to desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones already known for a few years and that people can no longer do without the point where each member of a family owns his own, the number of objects and especially connected, exploded and a priori, will continue to grow in the coming years.

Smart products: Internet of Things

An intelligent product is a product that has seen improvements leading it to steal one or more tasks under the responsibility of the human.

The transfer of responsibility of the man towards the machine is taking of the ground with the advent of all the connected objects which invade us.

);The connectivity of these products is made by Bluetooth in most cases.

High-Tech Product Group

The High Tech product has gained more and more place in people's daily lives. Generally, one can classify them in several branches as regards its existence in the direct entourage of the man:

- the product intended for leisure,
- the one making the house connected,
- the one entering the kitchen, the bathroom, etc., for more comfort,
- the one that serves as a common or personal accessory.

Leisure products

The most popular leisure products are:

- the smart speaker with voice assistants, (Google home, Home mini, Sonos and Amazon Alexa),
- the Bluetooth speaker,
- the multimedia box, (Amazon fire TV, Chromecast, making smart any TV),
- the weather station,
- home theater, (headphones),
- the rain gauge,
- the electric scooter,
- drones, (and their electronic components)
- the reality headphones,
- the video projector,
- the translation auricles,
- etc.

Home comfort items

The home products allow much more comfort to the man find their places in all the corners of the house:

- Kitchen, Appliances:
   . pressure cooker,
   . oven,
   . kettle
   . coffee maker,
   . fridge
   . kitchen robot,
   . etc.

- Bathroom:
   . mirror,
   . shower head,
   . lamp and bulb for smart lights therapy cure,
   . etc.

- Domotics or smart home devices (Netatmo and Vivint):
  Protocols Z wave or Zigbee
   . home security system and access control,
   . lighting and sound (smart plug, light switch, Philips bulbs and Philips hue for example),
   . heating and cooling, (shutters and thermostats),
   . air and water quality,
   . switches, sockets and detectors,
   . measuring and saving energy,
   . etc.

- Various smart devices:
   . bed,
   . scale,
   . lock,
   . home hub
   . smart home hub
   . starter kit Wink,

Items for personal use

The product for personal use is part of a very varied range. We find in the lot among these gadgets:

- the watch, (Apple watch for example),
- the bracelet or tracker, (fitbit for example for measuring the heart rate),
- the digital tablet, (Galaxy for example),
- the smartphone,
- the pocket overhead projector,
- etc.

What is new?

The future of High Tech is still emerging at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) whose last show took place in Las Vegas in early 2019. The main novelties that have pleased or displeased the professionals are:

- LG's ultra-short-throw video projector,
- 8K TVs,
- the LG roll-up TV,
- the connected turntable
- the Withings connected blood pressure monitor for the healthcare world,
- the foldable smartphone,
- the smart video doorbell,
- etc.