Raspberry Pi: High Tech Product Cheap, Lowest Price

Raspberry Pi moindre prix
Raspberry Pi moindre prix
Raspberry Pi moindre prix

High Tech Product Cheap, Lowest Price: Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi
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Products offered: The lowest price

We have found for you very interesting prices for your future Raspberry Pi and all its accessories. Here is a small detail of what you will find:

- Raspberry Pi 3 B et B+,
- Raspberry Pi 4 B,
- Chargeur et câble avec bouton marche/arrêt,
- Lecteur de carte micro SD,
- Ventilateur de refroidissement,
- Dissipateur thermique de chaleur,
- Câbles HDMI ou RCA pour la vidéo,
- Câble Ethernet,
- Boitier,
- Clavier et souris,
- Ecran tactile,

Here are the links to the sales pages:

We draw your attention that on the Aliexpress and Banggood platforms, the Raspberry Pi are not all original. Before placing an order, please check the brand name in the "Details" section, it will tell you if the Raspberry are original or not.
Raspberry Pi moindre prix
Raspberry Pi moindre prix
Raspberry Pi moindre prix

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The world of the Raspberry Pi

The foundation of the same name of the device, launched in recent years, an incredible mini computer cheap. Its size is that of a credit card. It connects to a TV or any other display device that has an HDMI or Video input (RCA).

It is called mini PC, mini laptop, small computer, micro-computer, etc.

The primary purpose of the existence of this object was to facilitate the learning of computers to young people. But this motherboard has had great success, even with some large companies.

Several models have been presented for sale, but the last one is by far the one that has emerged the most. This is the Pi 3.

The range of products

Raspberry Pi, High Tech product is offered in several ranges that are presented according to the models and the release date:

- Model 1: 1B, march 2012,
- Model 1: 1A, february 2013,
- Model 1: 1B +, ​​july 2014,
- Model 1 : 1A+, november 2014,

- Model zero : zero, november 2015,
- Model zero : zero w, february 2017
- Model zero : zero wh , january 2018,

- Model 2 : 2B, february 2015,

- Model 3 : 3B, february 2016,
- Model 3 : 3A+, november 2018,
- Model 3 : 3B+, mars 2018,

- Model 4 : B, june 2019.

Description of Raspberry Pi

Description of Raspberry Pi Zero  Raspberry Pi : produit pas cher, high tech, moindre prix


The Raspberry Pi Zero card is a nano-computer that connects to a monitor and a keyboard/mouse. This module requires a micro SD card to register the operating system with a Linux or Android distribution provided.

Technical characteristics:

- Microprocessor Cortex A7 + Quad-Core,
- 512MB RAM,
- 1 mini HDMI connector,
- 1 USB 2.0,
- 1 CSI port for Camera,
- 1 I / O connector pins 40,
- 1 GPIO interface 40 pin
- 1 wifi interface 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0,
- 1 micro USB port for various connections,
- 1 micro-USB port for power,
- Support micro SD up to 64 GB,
- supported systems: Android, Ubuntu and Debian,
- reset and power buttons.

Description of Raspberry Pi Zero WH


This minicomputer works with a micro SD card for operating system support, prepared with a Linux distribution (Raspbian, Fedora, etc.) or Windows 10 IoT. The Raspberry Pi Zero WH comes without casing, power supply, keyboard, display and mouse in order to reduce the cost and promote the use of recovery equipment.

Technical characteristics:

- Microprocessor: Cortex A7 H2 + Quad Core,
- Micro SD support up to 64GB,
- 1 HDMI mini audio output,
- Wifi: 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0,
- 1 USB 2.0 interface,
- 1 CSI interface for 5 megapixel camera,
- 1 GPIO interface: 40 pins
- 1 video interface: mini HDMI
- Supported systems: Android, Ubuntu and Debian ,
- Reset and power buttons.

Description of Raspberry Pi 3 B+


The Raspberry Pi 3 B + is a single-board computer that can connect to a monitor, a keyboard/mouse set and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces. It starts from a micro-SD card and runs under an O.S. Linux or Windows 10 IoT. It is supplied without casing, power supply, keyboard, screen and mouse.

Technical characteristics:

- ARM Cortex-A53 four-core 1.4 GHz processor,
- Wifi: Dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz, 802.11b / g / n / ac,
- Memory 1 GB,
- Ethernet up to 300 Mbps,
- 4 USB 2.0 ports,
- RJ45 Ethernet Port,
- HDMI Audio Outputs and 3.5mm Stereo Jack,
- Video Out: HDMI,
- 1 video interface: mini HDMI
- 1 GPIO connector with 40 I / O pins.
- Supported systems: Android, Ubuntu and Debian,
- Reset and power buttons.

Description of Raspberry Pi 4 B


The new version Raspberry Pi 4 B is a nano-computer that can connect to a monitor, a set keyboard/mouse and have interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet.

Technical characteristics :

- CPU, Broadcom BCM 2711 processor, ARM Cortex-A72 four cores (Quad core), SoC faster at 1.5 GHz, 64-bit SoE,
- 4 GB of RAM
- Wifi: Dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz, 802.11b/g/n/ac,
- Bluetooth 5.0,
- Powerful GPU: VideoCore VI
- 1GB, 2GB and 4GB memories,
- Memory card slot,
- Ethernet up to 300 Mbps,
- 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports,
- RJ45 ethernet port,
- Audio outputs 2 micro HDMI and 3.5mm jack in stereo,
- Video output: 2 micro HDMI and 3.5mm Jack,
- 1 CSI interface for camera,
- 1 DSI interface for screen,
- 1 GPIO connector with 40 I/O pins,
- Linux or Windows 10 Io operating system.

Required accessories

The famous Raspberry is sold naked. It will need to be completed with mandatory accessories :

- SD or microSD memory card by device,
- External micro USB power supply,
- Ordinary USB keyboard and mouse,
- HDMI or RCA video cable to use the screen of a TV,
- Ethernet cable for the Ethernet port.

The card will contain the operating system. It is recommended to use an SD card of at least 4GB and at least class 4.

The cable is used to make the Internet connection with the router or box (this cable is not necessary for Raspberry with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

Useful accessory but not required

A box is necessary if we want to protect the device from dust, manipulation with the fingers and other dirt that settles.

Other accessories can be placed in this case to overcome the heating of the Raspberry. It is a cooling fan and heat sinks.

Controllers for different uses:

- robot controller for robotics,
- multi-channel servo controller,
- Hat socket header (SMT) which is a special 40-pin plug,
- etc.

A USB cable (Keyboard) is sometimes useful. Serial ports (serial ports for RPI), Power over Ethernet (PoE) power cards, and a special Raspberry hub for people who are good at Linux or Python programming. This can be in packages.

Luxury accessories

For those who love luxury, there are these two pretty accessories that are:

- An integrated mouse keyboard (wireless keyboard)
* 2.4GHz,
* Wireless,
* 92 Keys Keyboard,
* Touchpad Mouse.

- A touch screen (High Tech product) that has the technical specifications:
* 7 inch display,
* Screen 194 x 110 x 20mm,
* Displayable dimension 155 x 86mm,
* Resolution 800 x 480 pixels,
* Capacitive sensor,
* Connected on DSI using a ribbon.

An HDMI to VGA or RCA adapter might be useful.

Raspberry PI kits

It is often smarter to buy Raspberry PI 3 or Pi 4 kits with everything needed to run the mini-computer.

The products that can be put in kits and are necessary for the proper functioning of the Raspberry Pi are:

- An SD or micro SD memory card depending on the device,
- External micro USB power supply,
- An ordinary USB keyboard and mouse,
- An HDMI or RCA video cable to use the screen a TV,
- Ethernet cable for the Ethernet port,
- A cooling fan,
- Heat sinks,
- An integrated mouse keyboard (wireless keyboard),
- A touch screen.


Also called mini-computer with a simple hardware Raspberry uses:

- an SD card or a micro SD card (SD card or microSD), on which the operating system Raspbian (merger of Debian and Raspberry, distributions Linux, Ubuntu) which is an open source software is installed,

- an HDMI output to be connected to a TV (full HD for example) equipped with an HDMI port,

- a USB charger power supply on a USB port (sometimes equipped with a switch on - off) provided to connect it and to start it,

- a starter kit or starter kit that contains a cooling fan and heatsinks and one or more connectors to connect peripherals.

It is possible to achieve several things:

- It is equipped with wifi, so it is natural to enter the SSID of its internet box,

- It can emulate video games (Retro Gaming or retrogaming) old Arcade (with Retropie for example) using joysticks and its GTX graphics card,

- It can reproduce a Nintendo switch,

- It can be used as a home automation box (by installing Domoticz software, open source),

- It acts as a programmable "Kodi" media center,

- It allows the implementation of VNC (Virtual Network Computing) which is a system allowing the remote control of a computer by another,

- Il est utilisé en vidéosurveillance,

- It can boot to any external HDD or SSD (boot) hard drives.


Raspberry card contains SSH (Secure SHell) not enabled for security reasons. It's a protocol and a computer communication software at the same time. It is fully encrypted, which means that all commands via SSH are secret.

To control Raspberry via SSH, it is necessary to know its IP. This is easy to get, just start the device in console mode and type the ifconfig command and then validate.

You can also use Putty to connect in SSH. We must first change the hostname and choose his.


You must also know that there are modules that can be used with Raspberry. The module for printed circuit design and the Adafruit module (PCB).

Installation steps

The first stages of installation are as follows:

- SD Card Config: We need to install Raspbian (Noobs maybe) which is the appropriate Linux GNU,

- Connection: The connection is simple, all you need to do is make all the connections: internet box, mouse keyboard and HDMI cable to a screen.

The display is on the screen. And the sudo apt commands provide access to the dashboard.

Raspberry Pi and its competitors

Raspberry has a lot of competitors:

- The Archos Stick that is Windows 10 oriented,
- The Banana Pi or Pro that looks a lot like Raspberry,
- The Arduino which is a controller that complements Raspberry.


There are sites on the net that present tutorials on Raspberry. Many are in English, including pimylifeup.com which presents "Raspberry Pi Electronics Projects".

To learn more, please download the free digital book cited above or search the net, the tutorials are not lacking.

Arduberry is a very simple way to use Arduino shields with the Raspberry card. Just use the GPIO on which is connected the card that makes the connection.