Lowest Price, WiFi Repeater, Wi-Fi Amplifier, TP-Link Cheap

Répéteur wifi, Amplificateur Wi-Fi, TP-Link pas cher
Répéteur wifi, Amplificateur Wi-Fi, TP-Link pas cher
Répéteur wifi, Amplificateur Wi-Fi, TP-Link pas cher

Wi-Fi Amplifier, WiFi Repeater, TP-Link, Lowest Price, Cheap

Répéteur wifi
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Raspberry Pi moindre prix
Raspberry Pi moindre prix

Repeaters not to be missed

WiFi repeater Wavlink

Here are some features of one of the most popular repeaters, the WL-WN519N2:

   - Eliminate dead wifi zones,
   - Several devices connected at the same time,
   - 2.4 Ghz frequency band,
   - Compatible 802.11/a,b,g,n,
   - WPA/WPA2 security,
   - Transmission up to 300 Mbps,
   - High quality manufacturing material,
   - 3 buttons, reset, WPS and power,
   - 2 omni-directional 3dBi antennas.

First time configuration

- Plug the device into a wall outlet,
- For wireless network configuration:
  - Check the box "Automatically connect",
  - Visit http: //ap.setup,
  - Or visit,
  - Follow the instructions

Répéteur wifi Wavlink

WiFi repeater Xiaomi

Xiaomi house offers several quality repeaters. Our choice is made for the name repeater Roteador 2 which has the following characteristics:

   - 2 powerful high gain antennas 2dBi,
   - Compatible with other brands of routers,
   - Transmission Rate of 300 Mbps,
   - Up to 64 devices connected at the same time,
   - Automatically upgraded without any adjustments.

First Configuration

- Take your smartphone,
- Scan the QR Code,
- Follow the instructions step by step.

Répéteur wifi Xiaomi

WiFi repeater Tenda

Tenda is a big Chinese manufacturer. It has a lot of quality repeaters. We have chosen for you the A12 whose characteristics are:

   - 3 directional antennas with high gain 3dBi,
   - 180° rotation,
   - Compatible with most routers,
   - Multilingual parameters Interface,
   - Determination of the location thanks to the Led,
   - Transmission Rate of 300 Mbps.

First use

- Take your smartphone,
- Open Google Play or Apple App Store,
- Download the Mi Home app,
- Open the Mi Home app,
- Read and sign the terms of use ,
- Select your region,
- Create an account,
- Put your repeater in a power outlet,
- The yellow Led starts to flash,
- Click on 'Add the device',
- Select the reference of your repeater,
- Select the name of your wifi box that appears,
- Enter the password of your router,
- Click on next,
- The app shows you device added,
- Click OK (Done),
- Click on use now,
- The blue Led lights up,
- The repeater is ready to use.

Répéteur wifi Tenda

WiFi repeater Huawei

Huawei is well known for its wide range in High Tech. It also manufactures quality repeaters. We opted for the WS331C which has the characteristics:

   - 300 Mbps high-speed wireless connection,
   - 802.11n support,
   - Compatible with 802.11b/g ,
   - 2.4 GHz operating frequency ,
   - Internal antenna,
   - Automatically upgraded without any adjustment.

First configuration

-Put the repeater at the next to the router,
- The connection can be done by the button WPS,
- Manual connection through the page of the repeater,
- Type in the browser,
- Enter the default password admin,
- Complete the configuration by following step by step.

Répéteur wifi Huawei

WiFi repeater Comfast

Comfast offers quality repeaters. Our choice is for the CF-WR753AC, double band 1200 Mbps which has as characteristics:

   - 2 bands 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz,
   - Compatible with other brands of routers,
   - 2 external antennas,
   - Omnidirectional wireless range,
   - Wi-Fi scope extension,
   - Wireless router,
   - Wireless access point,
   - Same passwords for router and repeater.

Initial setting

- Take your smartphone,
- Turn on the repeater,
- Connect the wifi signal on the repeater,
- Use your computer or smartphone,
- Open your favorite browser and enter 192.168. 10.1,
- The access page comes to you,
- A password is asked,
- Specify your language in the same page,
- The signal scan is done automatically,
- Once the scan is done,
- Choose the SSID and password of the router.

Répéteur wifi Comfast

WiFi repeater TP-Link

TP-Link is so well known that it is shaking up the big ones. Among its wide range, the TL-WA933RE emerges. It has the following characteristics:

   - 2 external antennas for excellent coverage,
   - Easy to move thanks to its wall design ,
   - Miniature size,
   - Wireless expansion rate up to 450 Mbps,
   - 300 Mbps Transmission Rate,
   - Supported frequency 2.4 MHz.

First time configuration

- To put the repeater on line,
- Connect to TP-Link_extender_5GHz in wifi,
- Open the page tplinkrepeater.net,
- The page presents the welcome,
- Create a password,
- Confirm password,
- Interface page,
- Click on fast configuration,
- SSID and password,
- Reconnect the router,
- The repeater is ready for use.

Other model of TP-Link

There is a small model that sells well, this is the TP-Link TL-SF1005D switch. It is 100 Mbps and is the cheapest repeater on the market (around 10 euros).

Répéteur wifi TP-Link

Ebook in french language

Landing page répéteur wifi

How to optimize your wifi connection

Modem and wifi router

Modem and wifi router, what is it

   The modem is the device provided by the internet provider. Its function is to bring information that is on the web.

   The wifi router is the device that takes this modem information and distributes it.

   Currently, most internet providers deliver a 2-in-1 device called an internet box that simultaneously includes the combined modem and wifi router.

   The wifi signal is propagated from your internet box on the radio bands. Each band is a way propagating information. But the use of the Internet has seen a huge explosion and new devices connected consume large quantities. For this reason, manufacturers have expanded their ranges by providing one-band, dual-band and even three-band wifi routers. All use both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz channels.

   On the other hand, the standards of wifi are constantly growing. This is how the latest 802.11ac standard has a speed that exceeds the Gigabit/s. This standard has recently seen an improvement. It is now accompanied by the MU-MIMO (Multi-user with Multiple Inputs and Outputs) feature.

Choice criteria

   These criteria of choice are only to be considered when buying a router:

- Router Speed: The correspondence of standards to speeds is as follows:
   . 802.11n flow about 450 Mbits/s,
   . 802.11ac flow about 1300 Mbits/s sur 5 Ghz,
   . 802.11ac with MU-MIMO about 1700 Mbits/s.

- Antennas: Routers that have external antennas deliver more powerful signals. These antennas are generally directional and adjustable to achieve the best range possible.

- Ethernet ports: To get the optimal speed offered by the internet provider, there is no better than using Ethernet ports.

AP access point

Definition of an access point

   The access point is a device that creates a wireless LAN or WLAN. It is any terminal used powered by LAN to broadcast the wifi signal received from a router, a switch or hub over a wired link (Ethernet cable). This signal can come directly from your adsl box via its Ethernet port.

   The access point is the recommended device and the most suitable for businesses because it can handle more than 60 connections at the same time.

   By installing access points everywhere, everyone can move between offices and within the factory without any risk of loss of connection.

   Used devices automatically change network from one access point to another. This network change is done without any interruption.

   Recent models feature Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE +) technology to prevent the installation of electrical outlets anywhere near access points.


   Features are present now on a lot of access points:

- Access control list: They allow the restriction of access to certain people,

- Clustering: This is a single point of administration for all access points.

- Security settings and channel settings:
   . the best solution for security is WPA2 encryption,

- the chosen channel must match the one with the least traffic. Netspot Windows software can help you.

WiFi amplifier

What is a wifi amplifier?

   The wifi amplifier is a device whose main purpose is to increase, boost the signal from your box.

    The following terms are used to describe the thing:

- improve your wifi connection, improve your internet connection,
- boost its wifi connection, boost its internet connection, boost connection, boost wifi,
- optimize your wifi connection,
- enhance your wifi, accelerate internet, speed up connection speed,
- have a better wifi, have a better connection,
- increase the flow.

    Unfortunately, this solution is not effective when you have a difficult environment (microwaves, thick walls, etc.). There, the wired connection is essential. In addition the name of the wifi is necessarily different from that of your internet box.

System operation

   The wifi amplifier works in a simple way. Just plug it into a wall outlet.

   Since it aims to increase the wifi signal, it is advisable to have it in an area where the wifi is not weak. Otherwise, your amplified signal will probably be weaker than the one delivered by your box.

   The efficiency of an amplifier varies according to the proposed models. What you need to know is that a good amplifier must at least double the signal from the router. Try to avoid obstacles (wall, microwave oven, metal objects, etc.) to achieve this.

   As a recommendation, do not buy a powerful amplifier but not compatible with the router. Do not buy a low-rate amplifier when the router uses high frequencies.

Wifi repeater

Wi-Fi amplifier, wifi repeater, TP-Link cheap, lowest price   What is a wifi repeater?

   The wifi repeater is a box that, put in the wifi coverage area of ​​the main wifi router, will broadcast the received signal in an area not covered by the wifi in the house. It extends the wireless network coverage of the wifi without increasing it. In fact, it will reproduce the wifi signal in the same way and unlike the amplifier, it retains the same wifi network name as that of the router.

   It does not increase the bandwidth nor the connection speed but it transmits the signal with a slight loss.

   Generally and for people who live in big houses, this blanket can not reach every corner of the house. There, intervenes the necessity of the repeater.

How does it work ?

   The device will pick up the signal given by your box or the router set in a determined place. Broadly speaking, it will create a new network so that the coverage reaches every corner. Its location is essential to give the best quality of the internet connection.

Power line carrier


   The powerline line known as PLC allows the local transit of digital data via wall outlets.

Principle of operation

Principle of operation

   The electric current flows in the cables on a low frequency, usually 50 Hz. The use of these same cables made it possible to pass the data at a very high frequency in MHz. Thus, no interference is possible.

How to do ?

   You just need two PLC adapters. The first PLC adapter will be used to connect the router (box adsl or modem) and the nearest electrical outlet while the second will be used to recover these data throughout the house. But the problem that persists and remains insolvent to date is the more we put PLC adapters to connect its devices to the internet and the more we divide the initial flow.


   The PLC expander wifi is safer than a local wifi network, but this security is not absolute although the signal is blocked at the home electricity meter.

   To enhance security, there is the possibility to install a data encryption system on LCC adapters that can be activated at any time.

How to choose your wifi repeater?

How to choose?

Choice to do

   Three essential factors fall into the choice of this device:

- The scope of the device:
The more the object extends the signal, the better it will be.

- The signal gain:
Constancy of the signal is an important factor.

- The cover:
The wifi connection is the best solution for the space covered by the transmitter is great.

   D'autres critères de choix à savoir :

- la norme, il pas très loin du routeur,

- la présence d'un câble Ethernet,
- la présence d'une prise gigogne,
- la présence de la fonction WPS : bouton de configuration.

Price of the device

   The choice of wifi amplifiers displayed is made according to the lowest price and the price cheap . This price oscillates between twenty euros and forty.

   This varies with the services offered:

- A female socket to avoid avoid condemning the wall socket,

- An external antenna that is far better than the indoor antenna,

- The wifi standard used.

   There are several reputable brands of this product on the market. The best known are by far Netgear, come next Devolo, TP-Link TL as well as other brands that are mainly Asian-made in Asia (especially Chinese) and are at first very good quality and then at the lowest price.

   We are going to talk about these last wifi repeaters which have, today, invaded the major internet sales platforms.


   In summary, access points, Wi-Fi repeaters or amplifiers are there to make your life easier by giving you the possibility of internet access anywhere in your home without a great effort. Cables lying around are not necessarily necessary except for the first case.

   To have all the possible internet connections, you will have to know that several devices have all the functions:

- Access point with its RJ45 cable,
- Wi-Fi Repeater,
- Wi-Fi amplifier,
- Router with Gigabit Ethernet ports (Fast Ethernet).

   All these devices can power all kinds of boxes, decoder, receiver and consoles.