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  • Vtech Storio Max

    Vtech Storio Max

    Max XL 2.0

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    Lexibook - Lexitab

    LexiTab 7 pouces

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    LeapPad 2

  • Kurioworld - Gulli

    Kurioworld - Gulli

    Motion Gulli 3

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    Y88X Plus

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Vtech Storio Max : Max XL 2.0 Vtech Storio Max XL 2.0

Lexibook : Lexitab 7 pouces Lexibook, Lexitab 7 pouces

LeapFrog : LeapPad 2 LeapFrog, LeapPad 2

Kurioworld : Motion Gulli 3 Kurioworld, Gulli 3

DragonTouch : Y88X Plus DragonTouch Y88X Plus

Yuntab : Q91 Yuntab Q91

Samsung : The Must

The world of children's tablets

The tablet has established itself in homes. From the smallest family member to the largest, everyone wants to use it.

Several manufacturers have specialized in tablets for children while others have produced tablets for adults.

Samsung set itself apart from the others by manufacturing the touch pad Samsung: Galaxy Tab 3 Kids in 2013 with an easy use. Indeed, he created an interface specially developed for children within that of parents. This first tablet was under Android 4.1.

The advent of Android 9.0 has allowed Samsung to stand out by equipping all of its adult tablets with Child Mode. This mode allows it to be adapted to children.


By the way, this is a widget whose starting point is a home screen with several dedicated applications.

The children's area allows you a safe and secure environment with several activities to offer your child:

   - learn,
   - develop,
   - enjoy,
   - sail and surf,
   - to have fun,
   - open up.

These activities immerse your child in a digital world in complete safety.


The first configuration requires putting a PIN code and the child's biometric data. This setting will be requested each time you access and exit Children's Mode. Thus, the user child can only access what his parents have programmed for him.


Usage time may be limited and access to contacts and applications may be reduced. Usage report allows parents to see what their child is doing.

Games and apps

Several games are available on the device as well as LEGO-themed entertainment and puzzles. Thus, nearly 3000 free and paid additional applications are in the Galaxy Apps accessible from the Kids Mode (From language learning to mathematical applications through the most famous cartoon characters).

Vtech Storio Max

Max 2.0

- 7 inch HD touch screen,
- Internal memory expansion up to 40 GB,
- Robust with anti-shock contours,
- Operates on supplied lithium battery,
- Camera, camcorder,
- Micro SD card reader,
- Mp3 player,
- E-book reader,
- Very large selection of games and cartoons,
- Huge selection of movies, music and stories,
- WIFI, Parental control, Camera,
- Educational and fun applications,
- Four integrated games,
- Photo album,
- Cinema drawing and editing studio,
- Interactive videos,
- Sending family written and voice messages,
- Family photos,
- Free access to predetermined sites,
- Parental control with settings.

Max XL

- 7 inch HD touch screen with reversible display,
- Internal RAM is expandable,
- Shockproof design by tablet cover,
- Integrated Wi-Fi uses a secure internet browser,
- Stylus, game cartridge in demos,
- 3 games included,
- 2Mpx camera, camcorder,
- A video player,
- A reader,
- MP3 player, educational game console,
- Built-in battery,
- A secure Internet browser,
- Exchange of messages, drawings, exchange of photos,
- Tools: calendar, stopwatch, clock,
- Video montages,
- Free access to sites for children from 3 to 11 years old,
- Ability to add new sites.

Max XL 2.0

- Large 7 inch HD screen, capacitive and multitouch,
- Internal memory can be increased,
- Design avec smartcover souple,
- EBook reader,
- Educational game console,
- Coloring studio and drawing studio,
- Camera, camcorder,
- Video player and music player,
- Practical tools,
- Communicate in real time with friends and family,
- WiFi access, game time management,
- Scalable with multiple game cartridges.

   Advantages and disadvantages of the Max XL 2.0

We have listed on the net some reviews of customers who have purchased this tablet. We list them here.

Among the advantages, we note:
- Easy use,
- Stylus,
- Parental control,
- Educational and fun tablet,
- good design,
- Many activities.

and among the disadvantages, we cite:
- Expensive price,
- Touch not very reactive,
- Slow Internet,
- Overpriced applications,
- Photos not very sharp,
- Slightly scalable tablet,
- QWERTY numeric keypad.

Lexibook - Lexitab

LexiTab 7 inch

- 7 inch HD capacitive touch screen,
- 8 GB storage + 32 GB via micro SD card,
- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0,
- Micro USB port, audio jack port, micro SD card port,
- 4 hours autonomy,
- Children 6-14,
- Access to Google services,
- Tutoring,
- Mythical games,
- Protective pocket,
- Time management,
- Internet filtering,

FREE digital book but in french language

Kids Tablet

Questions people ask

Are you afraid of the children's tablet?

To buy a cheap and better quality children's tablet on the internet with a view to acquiring or offering it in 2020, among the questions we ask ourselves, the following are the most frequent:

- Which children's tablet to choose?
- How to choose the inexpensive children's tablet?
- What is the best children's tablet?
- Is it better to have a computer or a tablet for children?
- What accessories should be sold free of charge with the device?
- Should the tablet be tactile?
- Does the cheap tablet have a good processor? Dual Core or Quad Core,
- Is there the possibility to expand the internal memory?
- Can we easily install the applications or are they pre-installed?
- Do we have a slot for sd or microsd card,
- Where to find the child tablet or Samsung: cheap and quality?


Choose well

Choose the best inexpensive or least expensive touch tablet for children (or non-touch), and the educational tablet has become difficult as the supply is large and the functions different.

Here is a series of criteria to study before purchasing this High Tech product:

Most of the existing models on the market use the Android operating system (Android tablet). They're not powerful, except maybe a few whose manufacturers are making an effort.

Since it is intended for children, this accessory is shockproof. It is protected by a hull against breakage in the event of a fall to the ground. A case is sometimes added.

Connected or not:
Some models do not offer internet access. But if these models are connected , browsing the internet is peaceful. They have an effective parental control system with powerful filters.

They allow you to play, watch cartoons often preinstalled, read and listen to stories. And often a multi-pixel camera is integrated. A card reader accompanies it because the internal storage space is limited and a memory card slot is provided to increase the storage capacity.

Most are Android tablets. Commercial tablets can be simple or sophisticated (quad core for example), with the play store and google play installed or not.

For or against

Unanimous opinion does not exist because there are those who are against and those who are for the use of this object by the child.

The arguments generally announced are superficial. The former defend preservation against the technological invader and prefer traditional reading methods. The second are based on the main idea of ​​letting the child learn to live with these products. They are based on the fact that the child was born surrounded by screens of all kinds.

Opinion of health professionals

Several conferences have discussed this problem of the use of the tablet by the child (time point of view). Doctors, teachers, psychiatrists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists and other lay people have made it clear to users of the tablet that there are harmful effects on its use.


Among the disadvantages and harms of its use, we can cite the best known:

Wave exposure
A lot of specialists have confirmed the danger of waves. In fact, as soon as it is connected to the internet, a tablet emits electromagnetic waves, the harmful effects of which on health, from children to adults, have been proven by several studies. A French association known for its fight for security in wireless technologies, asked that this product be banned before the age of 6 years. This request has not yet had the desired effect.

Some fun and educational games installed are beneficial. But if the time spent in front of the screen is not respected, they are harmful to the child's sight. Excessive use of this High Tech product can also influence the motor development of the hands. In addition, it has been shown that 2 hours of exposure to screens can generate sleep disturbances, especially in the youngest. It is therefore recommended not to let the child play at night.

Other concerns
Il a été aussi prouvé qu'on retient mieux ce qu'on écrit que ce qu'on tape et ce qu'on écrit ou qu'on dessine renforce l'apprentissage.

Commercial touchscreen tablet (or non-touchscreen)

Buying a tablet is good, but be aware that there are not many applications included. So, either download free apps or pay for others. In what follows, we’ll tell you about five popular apps that are also free, but in french language:

1- Learn to read with Syllabic
The method used to teach the child to read is based on the syllables that make up the words. Thus a series of exercises is offered to the child, and each word presented is illustrated by an image and spoken out loud..

This application is interesting despite some weaknesses:

- The interface is simple and well studied,
- The educational component is interesting,
- The voice is that of a robot, it is emotionless.

2- Children's piano music and song
This application allows the child to get to know the first basics of the piano while playing. The first scores are free. Then the 10 additional partitions cost only 3 € maximum.

3- 10 fingers to learn to count
This application is interesting. It allows the child to:

- to count up to 10,
- to work on the motor skills of the fingers,
- to recognize the numbers and to know the quantities,
- to learn about additions,
- to count in several languages.

4- Learn letters with Kindergarten in Servane
The application allows the child to discover the forms of writing the letters of the alphabet. Exercises are there to put a letter in its appropriate place or to find the letter pronounced.

5- Alphamonstre to know everything about letters
It teaches the child the different ways of writing a letter, upper case, lower case, scripts or cursives. Several exercises and games are included.

An address
There are plenty of free applications to download or paid to buy on the net, old and new scalable applications. We recommend a single address specializing in applications for children's tablets: Applications for children's tablet which tells you about "children and screens", "tablets at school", "selection of applications" and the site has an application store for children.

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